Motorola Moto G 3rd gen upgrade

After being fed up with a bug in Android 6.0 –  which caused BT to be unreliable – I was very happy to receive yesterday an OTA update. My happiness was quickly gone when I realized it was an upgrade to Android 6.0.1. In other words, the new version also didn’t fix my BT problem. Therefore I decided to install a custom ROM: Lineage OS (v7.1.1).  So far so good!

Basically I followed this tutorial.

  1. Install ADB drivers
  2. Use fastboot to install custom recovery
  3. Install TWRP
  4. Get root access
  5. Install custom ROM
  6. Install web view (and enable it ‘Chrome stable’ in Android).  If not, I got a lot of issues with all Google services.
  7. Install GAPPS via TWRP

Currently only experiencing issues with the default ‘Clock’ app.


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